Senin, 17 Desember 2012

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Gili trawangan is one of three gili or Lombok island in the northern district, west Nusa Tenggara. The two islands are gili gili meno water.
Gili trawangan has an area 338 hectares. Is the largest compared gili gili gili meno water. Gili trawangan was developed into a tourist attraction since the 1980’s. characteristics of tourism here is marine tourism with beaches and underwater parks.
Menurut Tjok suhendra, head of the department of tourism, art and culture of northern Lombok, gili trawangan annually visited by noless than 40 thousand tourists. Gili trawangan charm not only on the beauty of the beaches and underwater gardens, but also in the everyday life of its citizens, which is almost entirely Islamic religion. the population is not too much. Only about 346 families or 1.500 people. Gili trawangan residents are mostly ethnic sasak and uphold bugis awing-awing. As there should be no motoried . By nora, gili trawangan community leardes, to transport people daily use or cidomo bikes,trains that pull the horse.
Gili trawangan in developing as a tourist destination, north Lombok district government adopted a policy of community-based development.local investors are allowed only to open a business here, and all the inn-shaped cottage jasmine class,there should be star, numberof lodging rooms available around 700 per night room rate varies between 35 thousand to one million dollars. Each cottage in this place offers diving equipment snorkeling to see the sights of the marine park on the beack. It is also available equipment diving or deep sea diving. For snorkeling and diving enthusiasts,gilitrawangan a paradise. As recognized lynn van den boscch,tourists from the Netherlands. Gilitrawangan is indeed a paradise for tourists who like diving, therefore, no wonder, when the island was never empty of tourist.